10 Best Ticketing Platforms for Online Tickets Business Opportunities

10 Best Ticketing Platforms for Online Tickets Business Opportunities

Online Tickets Business Opportunities

Here are the 10 best ticketing platforms every event planner and ticketing business owner should know! Are you ready to take advantage of the online tickets business opportunities?

We presenting you the 10 best online platforms that will allow you to effectively sell tickets online:

  1. Eventbrite: This is one of the most popular platforms on the market and for a good reason. This platform allows you to create events in just a few seconds. It is free to use and charges a small percentage of each ticket sold. It is SEO-friendly and it integrates well with social media.
  2. Bizzabo: This platform does everything for you. It allows you to manage every aspect of the upcoming event. You can create a landing page, sell tickets online, and run reports at the end of it.
  3. TicketTailor: Unlike other platforms, this one doesn’t charge any fees per ticket sold. Instead, they charge a monthly fee. It is an easy to use platform and has a great customer service.
  4. TicketSource: This platform won’t charge you for organizing free events. They only charge a small fee for paid events.
  5. Ticketbud: This platform allows you to sell and promote your tickets. There are some low fees (lower than other platforms) and they have a cool tool that can help you calculate the revenue based on the ticket pricing.
  6. Tonic Ticketing: This is a great ticket selling platform and it is specialized for B2B businesses.
  7. Picatic: This platform’s slogan is “bring people together” It is simple, however, it works. Some of the best things about this platform is how user-friendly this platform actually is. Technical skills aren’t required and if you have problems with the software, there are people who can help you out.
  8. Universe: This platform is known for being well-designed and intuitive. It offers more branding options than its competitors which is great.
  9. Brown paper tickets: This is one of our favorite platforms. They offer 24/7 customer service in 3 languages and the best part – there are no fees for event producers.
  10. Seat Advisor: This platform is one of the oldest on the market. They have worked with people from all over the world to promote and organize their events. Here is one fun fact – they were the first to provide interactive SeatMaps (with a view from the seat).

Check out these platforms and pick the best one that will satisfy your needs and help you take advantage of the best online tickets business opportunities!