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Where to Sell Online Websites Templates: 9 Places to Consider

What is the best place to sell online websites templates? Read this article and discover the most popular places for selling templates and themes online!
If you are into the business of making themes and templates for websites, documents, social media or presentations, you probably are wonder what is the best place to promote and sell them. It doesn’t really matter whether you are hoping to make some extra cash with ideas or you are designing templates with the purpose of selling them as an end product, we’ve prepared a list of the best and most popular marketplaces where you can sell online websites templates. Even though all of these marketplaces are ideal for selling templates and themes, we recommend you to choose the one that fits with your commitment level, needs, and goals.

➢ MOJO Themes:

This marketplace is ideal for online themes like WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, and others. As an online seller, you can expect to earn from 50% for the non-exclusive content and 70% for the exclusive work.

➢ Creative Market:

This is a very popular and well-established marketplace for web developers and designers interested in selling web and print templates. You can set your own prices, keep 70% of the sales, avoid any product review process, and enjoy non-exclusivity. The best part is that you can instantly update the products.
There you go – the best marketplaces for selling your website templates and themes online. We recommend you to visit all of these marketplaces, check the terms and conditions of selling, compare the fees, and decide which platform suits your needs the most.
It is essential for you to choose the right marketplace, the right target group, the right prices, and the right selling strategy! That is the secret to achieving online success! Good luck!
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